Abdi Mohomud Omar (Abdi Illey) and his godfathers.

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by Mengistu D. Assefa
The opportunist Abdi Illey is talking the real thing we all have known these all days. The former electrical technician-turned-security agent became the regional president of the Somali Regional State being handpicked by the security and military intelligence personnel of the Deep State in Ethiopian federation. He himself enjoyed the lavish overflow of the corruption and illicit trade these Deep State have been conducting. He was given the Somali Liyu Police, the then UK sponsored counterterrorism paramilitary militia in the name of fighting the ‘possible’ Alshabab and ONLF insurgences in the Region.
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This militia has committed several human rights abuses in the region including rapes, tortures and killings. The generals in the Deep State such as Gen. Abraha Wolde (Quarter) and Samora Yenus have deliberately used this man to incite violence between the two brotherly peoples of Oromo and Somali which caused hundreds of killings and 1.2mln Internally Displaced People, the worst IDP in Ethiopian recent history.
Now after his godfathers, from the Ethiopian security and intelligence, military, and the regional security agencies ( such as Col. Gebre Dilla of IGAD) are gone. His patron party is confused in the northern tip of the country. We knew his days were counted. As one expects from a coward, he turned 180 degrees and blames one man, Getachew Assefa without mentioning other generals and party leaders who used him as a machine to manipulate the clan dynamics of the Region to stay in power while they used him for their illicit trades and divide-and-rule policy.
There is an clear sign that the TPLF and its cronies who have been busy adoring this monster are blown with a devastating shockwave.
The people like Daniel Berhane Dawit Kebede, Senait Mebrahtu and websites like Tigraionline and Aigaforum are stripped in public that the deep state has been their masters as well when they have been jubilating this monster.
It also shows that this party is not only in decay but also divided. Their leaders are confused and shocked by the reform started in Ethiopia, the wave that signaled their total irrelevance to the politics of Ethiopia anymore. It releases presses daily with words of confusion, calls on and off the so called demonstration in Mekelle. They felt that they are being sidelined and encircled by the Eritrea and Ethiopia, which they try hard to make about the people of Tigray. The youth politicians and professionals of Tigray should known that the rest of peoples of Ethiopia have no hate for them, but for the party and its cronies who trade their dirt in their name. The people of Tigray deserves way better than a party that uses the names of martyrs for its political agenda and repeatedly takes their age old value of patience for granted.
The other signal from this development is that Abiy Ahmed is garnering a popular support and accumulating a strong political capital, which if he turns his Party to a democratic one, will help him convert into an electoral mandate in the next election.
One thing has to he underlined. His manipulation should not be taken as is, but he has to be tried and face justice together with his godfathers.
Abiy Ahmed should take this seriously, otherwise he can’t afford the backfire the impunity will do.
The Region has to be rehabilitated and the victims of his atrocities should be compensated.