A Tragic Consequence of the “10th A.A Integrated Development Master Plan.” Warning for the Future – By Dr. Negaso Gidada

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An Interview with Dr Negasso Gidada
Addis Ababa is now 127 years old as the capital of Ethiopia. It was founded by Empress Taitu and Emperor Menilik II in 1887 around the hot water spring called Finfinnee. Empress Taitu is said to have seen a kind of lower which she did not know before and called the area Addis Ababa, meaning New Flower. The Oromo call Addis Ababa as Finfinnee. History tells that King Sahle Sellasie of Shoa was involved in expanding the territory of the kingdom of Shawa into the Oromo areas of the Tulama earlier. A witness (Harris from England) to what was happening during Sahle Sellasie’s wars against the Oromo also speaks particular what took place in Entoto, the hills in the northern part of Addis Ababa. This is a recorded history (Harris 1844, 178; Bonnie K. Holcomb and Sisai Ibsa, 1990, 85). Here is what is written:“While these forces (Forces of Sahle Sellasie), who were in effect demonstrating their use of guns given by European to Sahle Sellasie, began to destroy the Oromo life and resources, the guests of Sahle Sellasie, the Britons who accompanied the mission with the king, were observing with field glasses what was happening. They reported that when ‘…. The luckless inhabitant, taken quite by surprise, had barely time to abandon their property and fly for their lives to the fastness of Entotoo which reared its protecting form at the distance of a few miles.
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