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A time comes for all Ethiopians when silence is betrayal

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by Muluken Gebeyew
Ethiopia is at cross road. The suffering of Ethiopian people spill out of the cup. The TPLF killer regime has continued its brutal killings, imprisoning, torturing and burning peaceful Ethiopian people at exponential rate. The young generation has said “No and enough”, it reached to the point of no return.
The siege for the last 25 years is to be broken. The cloud of fear, disunity and suspicion among Ethiopians is to clear. The smell of freedom is on air.
People march during an annual religious festival in Bishoftu, a town southeast of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016. (AP Photo)
A new nation of freedom and equality is closer. Ethiopians of all walk of life have to finish the job.
The fascist TPLF utters multitude of propaganda, but we got no ear. The TPLF killing machine spills the blood of thousands of Ethiopians, but we will remain defiant, peaceful, empty handed and give our chest. We will never runaway. The killer regime would promise anything under the sun, but time has passed.
“A time comes when silence is betrayal” said Martin Luther King junior.
This is the time for all of us, Ethiopians when silence is considered as betrayal. Keeping silence while thousands of brother and sisters perish by the regime in a day; keeping silence when people are burnt alive in prison cell; keeping silence when a mother is forced to sit on her gunned down son’s body; keeping silence when thousand of youths taken to concentration camp; keeping silence when TPLF massacre peaceful people celebrating Irreecha .
This is the time our consciousness, humanity, morality and being Ethiopian is to be tested, to break our silence.
A time comes for all Ethiopians when silence is betrayal.