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A Letter to Nobel laureate Dr Abiy Ahmed

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131006526 3019266541643991 2619344835819065244 nIf you open a news channel  and a web site on Ethiopia nowadays the first thing you hear and see is tens and hundreds of Amharas are murdered here and there.

How many Millions of Amharas and Agews have to die to garner your attention? Since the evil TPLF assumed power scores of thousands of Amharas have been mercilessly killed. Kids have been slaughtered; pregnant women had been butchered with unprecedented and calculated barbarity.

These murders have been partly sanctioned  intentionally or inadvertently by the authorities of Orimia & Benishangul Gumuz Prosperity Parties , the OPDO and OLF now and then. The blame game on TPLF is now over. This targeted ethnic cleansing will have severe consequences on the perpetrators and those in power including your excellency who let this misery continue unabated. It seems that the top of the echelon at Oromia Prosperity Party has been brought to power by your blessing. The vanguard of this extremist group Shimeles Abdissa , instead of protecting the Amharas in Oromia against the savage killers , his rhetoric in mass gatherings  and secrete recordings are enflaming the violence against the Amhara in Oromia and elsewhere. In their own country they are persecuted day in day out for exercising their constitutional and citizenship right (the right to life and to live anywhere in Ethiopia)

This ruthless and divisive person isn’t worthy of a  position as district head let alone the position he holds now. You as the PM of Ethiopia and as half Amhara who had great love and indebtedness to his Amhara mother have a duty to keep this reckless man in check or to remove him from his post before he causes further mayhem.

Your excellency, you have to act swiftly to stop the mass murder of the Amharas and Agews in Benishangul Gumuz before the situation grows into civil war. You should give it a serious attention as Somali and Tigray Regions’ issues now.

The atrocities, barbarism and cruelty committed by the extremists in  Oromia and Benishangul regions have few parallels in History. Your excellency take  a stand and redraw the Constitution  to ensure individual/ civil rights take precedence to  ethnic rights and be on the right side of History.