A call for Broader Alliance !!! By Tedla Asfaw

Tedla Asfaw

Tedla-AsfawI read Obo Biri piece on current debate of “armed alliance with Shabia” posted here.
http://www.ethiomedia.com/13report/5177.html. I agree with Biri that after the Badme war of 1998-2000 Woyane is controlled by Shabia which he clearly identified it as TPLF/EPLF.  The recent interview of Aboy Sibhat confirms that.
The Shabia in Addis and the Shabia in Asmara both believe that if they are not in power the interest of Eritrea will be endangered by Ethiopian nationalists, No group at present is fighting for the interest of Ethiopia. G7 leadership wants to be seen as more “Eritrean” than the WoyaneShabias,

The well armed TPDM is busy defending  Asmara before it can “liberate” us. OLF leadership in Asmara is kept out of the current debate of working with Shabia. It was Kemal Gelchu who articulated  “Oromos are Ethiopians”  and Ethiopian Unity is the goal of OLF wing he has been leading. Such statement is not appreciated by both Shabias in Addis and Asmara.
The current debate of armed struggle using Shabia as an ally is an ” Empty Talk ” for now. OLF,TPDM and ONLF have armed groups in Asmara. It is only ONLF that has engaged Woyane in skirmishes here and there in Ethiopia. Shabia was not involved  in fight for “Self determination of the Ogaden people” directly.
If G7 Armed Force is ready to cross the Mereb River to engage Woyane it will be led by TPDM. It is not at all easy to differentiate between TPDM and Shabia’s soldiers. Many observers believe that they are one and the same. The more than a decade old stalemate between Shabia in Asmara and Shabia in Addis is to be broken as soon as TPDM/G7 engages Woyane.
G7 fighting force a.k.a  “Amhara Force”, TPDM a.k.a  TPLF march to remove Woyane, a Shabia inAddis, with OLF and ONLF mix with OPDO in Oromia  and ONLF in Somali Kilil respectively. Addiswill be under the joint rule of the new liberators called EPRDF Two. G7 will be disbanded after its mission of removing Shabia in Addis. Article 39 of Woyane Constitution will officially be effective.
To save us from such scenario and stop Ethiopia from not being another Somalia is the armed force of Ethiopia. The top commanders of this force are Woyane Shabias. A military coup by low level members of the army which comprises  different ethnic groups is a big possibility.
Discrediting the army as Woyane army will only help the goal of Shabias in Asmara and Addis.Shabia wants to dismantle the army into its Kilil. The educated forces of the army who are part of the larger society know very well that the Ethiopian people peacefully have shown time and again they stand for United Ethiopia.
A call for ” Broader Alliance” Obo Biri made should be made to the Ethiopian Federal Army. The many attempts to look for such alliance in the opposition was sabotaged by Shabias in Asmara and Addis and we should not expect any miracle now.


  1. Dear Tedla,
    Here we go again.
    I have no doubt you just woke up from a bad dream and wrote down this confusing soup that is hard to swallow. You need to do a lot of explanations. You made so many big conclusions without providing the evidence and the facts. It is a chain of pure allegations, assumptions, and possibilities. It is shallow and does not hold any water..
    If you think that patriotic Ethiopians will bring TPLF to its knees with this kind of mumbo-jumbo approach, you must be from another planet. Or you must leave earth and go to Mars or somewhere your logic may work. I am sure, it won’t work in Ethiopia.
    Please Ato Tedla, when an idea comes up into your mind, don’t just spit it out as soon as it comes. Sleep over it. Chew it like a cow does by bringing it up to its mouth in order to refine and perfect it.
    One other thing that I notices is the farewell memo you wrote to Dawit Kebede of Awramba Times. It is obvious why you wrote that memo. It is your way of paying back to Dawit for attacking G7 and ESAT. As a pro-EPRP person, you always oppose anybody who looks better and more organized than you even if it is fighting TPLF. There is a reason for it. Removing TPLF out of power is not your number one agenda unless you remove it. It is the age old attitude of If I don’t cook it, it must taste bad. Others have no right to become stronger than you and remove TPLF without your consent or leadership. If they do, you will oppose and fight them harder than you fight TPLF. This is why EPRP and other losers lost all trust by the people. They spend most of their time fighting for power even before there is any possibility of power. They are power hungry and pursue it aggressively in spite of the TPLF mafia hanging out there for the last 22 years and still counting.
    Now, read what you wrote and then see what is missing. Unless you are writing for yourself, you need to do a lot of explanation to convince others. The memo you wrote requires at least 20 pages of detailed explanation provided with facts, figures, and evidences. If you are interested only in expressing yourself and vent out your emotions, then that is OK and you don’t have to do any explanations.

  2. This is just another tired usual useless propaganda, not based on facts but personal openion. We need concret supporting evidence not blaber or propaganda on personal assumption.

  3. Tedla Asfaw,
    Tedla Asfaw graduated from the elementary school today. He is articulating what appears to be a political position. He has now graduated from majoring in character assassination courses he has been engaged in the last couple of months. His subjects- Jawar and Tesfaye Gebreab are doing well with their mission. Tedla failed in those courses and now wants to elevate himself to some kind of “important” personality in Ethiopian politics. You have no idea of the fire you are playing with. Your EPRP never learns from its mistakes.

  4. Mr.Tedela Asfaw is right,
    Since the Amhara dominated governments for the past 100+years SYSTEMATICALY mass genocided millions of non Amhara Ethiopians in particular (Oromos,Tigres and Eritreans) there might not be trust for the Amhara dominated opposition among Ethiopias majority (non Amhara Ethiopians).

  5. Mamo & satenaw !!!!You are toxic shaabias!!!….ke ebab enkulal ergib aytebeqm!!!!Tesfaye Gebre Ebab demo gizew siders yemiteyeq chiraq wonjelegna naw!!!!…

    • Nothing will change as long as Amhara continue to think they have the right to rule and every other tribe in Ethiopia must bow down and serve them. Nothing will satisfy you except to be on the throne. Time has come and all Ethiopians are beginning to taste the freedom of not being ashamed of who they are. Everyone in Ethiopia has the same right, freedom as Amhara who can not see other fellow Ethiopian has the right to rule. Racism at its best.
      Learn to work and serve your country together as ETHIOPIANS not Amhara, Tigray, Oromo etc…
      Learn to respect each other and build this country for the next generation.

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